All Live Shopify Plus Sites With Contact


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Unearth a Goldmine of Ecommerce Insights with Our Exclusive Shopify Plus Stores Database

Delve into the heart of the ecommerce industry with our in-depth, comprehensive database of all active Shopify Plus stores. This powerful digital resource offers an unparalleled compilation of 13,695 store records, each one loaded with 36 meticulously curated parameters, granting you an unprecedented level of understanding of the Shopify Plus ecosystem.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Data: Our database is a storehouse of 13,695 Shopify Plus stores, covering a broad spectrum of ecommerce operations worldwide.

Detailed Insights: Each entry is populated with 36 parameters that include domain, company, tech spend, sales revenue, location, contact details (emails, telephones), social media handles (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, GitHub, Instagram, Vk, Vimeo, Youtube, TikTok), employee numbers, page rank, and much more.

Privacy-Compliant Contacts: The contact details provided in the database strictly adhere to privacy regulations, ensuring a safe and respectful outreach to potential connections.

A Platform for Various Industries: Whether you are a digital marketing firm seeking potential clients, a development company hunting for your next big project, or an analyst researching ecommerce trends, this database provides a treasure trove of valuable insights.

With this invaluable resource, you can conduct targeted marketing, make data-driven decisions, map out the competitive landscape, identify growth opportunities, and establish valuable industry connections.

And the best part? Our Shopify Plus Stores database is exclusively available on Gumroad – you won’t find this level of detailed e-commerce data anywhere else. Dive into the depth of Shopify Plus with our database today and propel your business to new heights.


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